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Biophysics Group, University of Parma (biophysical and nanobiotech)
Prof. Cavatorta Paolo
Prof. Viappiani Cristiano
Prof. Mozzarelli Andrea


Prof. Giancarlo Ruocco
Emanuele Pontecorvo
Francesco Sciortino

Simone Capaccioli
Marco Lucchesi
Prof. Marco Giordano
Laura Andreozi

NNL Lecce (molecular electronics and nanodevices
LENS Florence (glass transition)
IMEM-CNR Parma (electron microscopy; X ray diffraction and reflectometry)
Dr. Giancarlo Salviati
Dr. Claudio Bocchi

MPI Golm Germany (nanoengineered polymeric capsules)
ESRF, Grenoble France (X-ray reflectometry and Grazing incidence diffraction)
Dr. Oleg Konovalov

Guliano Monaco
Chemistry Dept, University of Parma (porphyrins and cavitands)
Prof. Enrico Dalcanale

Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry Department, University of Pisa (nanowriting and conducting polymers)
Prof. Ciardelli Francesco
Dr. Ruggeri Giacomo

Department of Physics, University of Pisa
Prof. Giordano Marco


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