Commercial LB Instrument model KSV 5000

The KSV 5000 is a computer controlled and programmable Langmuir-Blodgett instrument for the study of monolayers at the air-water interface as well as for the automated Langmuir film experiments and deposition of normal or alternating multilayers onto solid substrates.
The LB Instrument is equipped with a set of specially designed and home-made Troughs to broaden and facilitate the use of the instrument (limited amount of the compounds, such as proteins or lipids, Ls deposition with proper sectioning of the area of every film transfer, thermostatation of the subphase).

LB film of Cadmium Arachidate with different number
of monolayers deposited onto Silicon substrate.
The interference colour of LB film is determined by the layer thickness.
Insert: magnified image of the sample.

Surface pressure-area isotherms of PPFPM spread on the surface of pure water
(0.33 mg/ml in chloroform, 60 ml, trough width of 10 cm).
Compression rates were 5 mm/min (a) and 10 mm/min (b).
Inset: chemical formula of the compound.

Surface pressure-area isotherms of PdC10OAP
(1-full line) and NiC10OAP (2-dotted line) porphyrins spread at the surface of pure water.
In the inset: structure of PdC10OAP and NiC10OAP porphyrins.

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