Dr. Victor EROKHIN
University of Parma, Departament of Phisics
Parco Area delle Scienze, 7A
Tel.: (+39) 0521 905251
Fax: (+39) 0521 905223

E-mail: Victor.Erokhin@fis.unipr.it


Professional Record

Oral Conference Presentations:

1. V. Erokhin, “Organized bioorganic and nanoparticulate systems”, Meeting of Italian Physical Society, Parma (Italy) 2003.
2. V. Erokhin, “Patterned arrays of magnetic nano-engineered capsules on solid supports”, International Conference on Magnetism, Roma (Italy) 2003.
3. V. Erokhin, “Electron beam irradiation for patterning of thin layers”, Summerschool on Nanocapsules with functionalised surfaces and walls, Bremen (Germany) 2003.
4. V. Erokhin, G. Raviele, J. Glatz-Reichenbach, R. Narizzano, S. Stagni, and C. Nicolini, “High-value organic capacitor”, 8th Europian Conference on Organized , Otranto- Lecce, Italy, 2001
5. V. Erokhin, “Aggregated layers of nanoparticles grown in LB films”, NATO workshop on Nanoparticles, Vigo (Spain) 2000.
6. V. Erokhin, “Nanoparticles and aggregated nanoparticulate layers”, EL.B.A.-Max Planck FORUM 2000, Rome, Italy, 2000
7. S. Erokhina, V. Erokhin, and C. Nicolini, “Electrical properties of thin copper sulfide films produced b the aggregation of nanoparticles formed in LB presursor”, 9th International Conference on Organized Molecular Films, Potsdam, Germany, 2000
8. V. Erokhin and C. Nicolini, “Bacteriorhodopsin based light-adressable transducer”, The First ELBA-Foresight Conference on Nanotechnology, Rome, Italy, 1999
9. V. Erokhin, P. Facci, L. Gobbi, S. Dante, F. Rustichelli, and C. Nicolini, “Preparation of semiconductor superlattices from LB precursor”, 8th International Conference on Organized Molecular Films, California (Asilomar), USA, 1997
10. V. Erokhin, P. Facci, S. Carrara, and C. Nicolini, “Monoelectron phenomena in nanometer scale particles formed in LB films”, 7th International Conference on Organized Molecular Films, Ancona (Numana), Italy, 1995
11. V. Erokhin, Y. Lvov, R. Kayushina, and L. Feigin, “Protein Langmuir-Blodgett films as sensitive elements”, Russian-Italian workshop on Liquid Crystals, Catania (Italy) 1991.
12. V. Erokhin, “Protein Langmuir-Blodgett films”, 2nd International Conference on Molecular Electronics and Biocomputers, Moscow, USSR, 1988

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