Optical Microscope Carl ZEISS (Germany)
- model Axiotech is equipped with CCD and permits applications in reflected
and transmitted light (magnification up to 1000).
The following microscopy techniques can be performed:

Reflected light
Transmitted light
bright field
bright field
dark field
dark field
phase contrast
interference contrast


Resulting image of two step lithography on nanocapsule arrays of two different types:
the first one is a patterned layer of hollow capsules,
the second one is a patterned layer of capsules with Fe 3 X 4 inside.
Inserts represent images of different areas with higher magnification.

Configuration of heterojunction
with 48 polycianoacrylate monolayers enclosed between polyaniline “molecular” electrodes
with lateral dimensions of 20 x 20 mm prepared on silicon substrate.

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